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So I'm thinking of writing a story where this frog falls in love with a squirrel. The frog pursues the squirrel over and over again, and the squirrel succumbed once or maybe twice.

Then the squirrel put her glasses on, realized she was fucking a frog, and vomited violently.

The frog, however, was an idiot, and had no idea. So he kept pushing and pushing.

The squirrel made up excuses. She didn't want to share her hideyhole in the tree when it was raining, and she didn't want to even share the same flight with the frog on the back of the big owl.

This frog, still oblivious, spends all of his time talking to the squirrel's friends, not realizing that they hated him completely. But, since back on the frog's lilypad, he had no friends, the hate was better than the emptiness of despair.

Then one day, the squirrel finally told the frog, and the frog realized that he was completely alone in the world. So he killed himself.

However, he screwed up and only paralyzed himself. So now he's just a vegetable frog in a hospital bed with nobody to visit him.

The End.

Do you think it will be a hit with the kids? I think so.

Thanks to a clown and a floor monkey for providing some inspiration.

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Blogger Beth said...

that's seriously fucking brilliant.

I'd buy a copy.

7/12/2005 5:16 PM  



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