Veronica Mars returns to television on October 3rd. If you have gone the last two years without at least checking this great series out, you should give season one a shot.

You can buy the entire Season 1 DVD set online for relatively cheap. You can go to Blockbuster or use Netflix to rent the first disc. You might even be able to get it at your local library!

Just watch the first episode. If you manage to watch the first episode without any further interest or enjoyment, go back to watching whatever it is you usually watch (probably According to Jim, The War at Home, American Idol, Reba, and Seventh Heaven). However, most of you (the ones that aren't retarded) will be sucked in to the glory that is Veronica Mars.

And don't dismiss it because of the name, or that it has a blonde actress as the protagonist. This show has a rich cast, from the funny and endearing Watson to Veronica's Sherlock, Wallace Fennel, played by Percy Daggs, III, to the rebel with a heart of gold, Weevil, played with aplomb by Francis Capra, to the non-cliche father, Keith, performed with amazing ability by Enrico Colantoni.

This is not a child's show. It's not even a teen's show. It's just an excellent show that appeals to those who like to think, who like their entertainment to treat them with intelligence, and who love a good mystery.

Catch it on the CW this fall (the aborted fetus of a merger between the WB and UPN)!

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