It's about time.

I don't watch sports at all. I don't know the difference between a period, a quarter, a half, or an inning. It's all gibberish to me.

But I do like the concept of NCAA Football (that's the oblong shaped object that must be carried across the playing area to the tuning fork-looking thing, right?) continuing and expanding their ban on events in South Carolina because they still show the confederate flag. On the fucking Capitol Building!

Waving the confederate flag is not about history or tradition, you fucking yokels. It's about saying that you still think non-whites should be slaves. That's the only message that a confederate flag portrays. If you truly believe that, okay - it's your right. I also believe that you're one step away from a Neanderthal. But if you truly believe it, don't hide behind ridiculous rhetoric like "It's a part of our rich cultural history".

I'd like to see the federal government put a moratorium on all interstate commerce on states that still have that stupid fucking flag flying on official government buildings.

Here's an excerpt from the story that got me all hot and bothered:

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The NCAA will consider expanding its ban of championship events in South Carolina, possibly disallowing baseball and football teams from hosting postseason games, because the Confederate flag is displayed on Statehouse grounds.

Robert Vowels Jr., head of the NCAA's Minority Opportunities and Interest Committee, said his group received a request from the Black Coaches Association about widening the ban. Predetermined postseason events, such as basketball regionals and cross-country championships -- are now barred from South Carolina sites.

"I think it's something worth looking at," said Vowels, commissioner of the Southwestern Athletic Conference.

The NAACP started an economic boycott of South Carolina in 2000 because the Confederate flag flew over the Capitol dome. The Legislature voted that spring to move the flag to the Confederate monument in front of the Statehouse. However, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has continued its boycott, saying the legislative action did not go far enough.

In 2001, the NCAA announced a two-year moratorium on awarding predetermined postseason events to the state. The governing body has continued the ban indefinitely, saying in 2004 that significant change on the issue had not taken place in South Carolina.

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