A few things for you to enjoy before your weekend

Whenever I don't have anything interesting, funny, or controversial to say (90% of the time), I rely on posting humorous links, videos and other weird shit that you may not have seen before. So here goes, and enjoy your weekend!

1. Have you ever wanted to watch a video with a vagina being laced like a football or sneaker? Then you're in luck.

2. Here's a great police report about a guy who got caught having sex with sheep, in California! Read the whole report for the officer's dry recital of the events, including the fact that the "ewe's anal area was shiny as if lubrication had been applied".

3. A guy named Jason used Craigslist to post a sexually provocative ad as a woman seeking men, and then posted all the personal information and frightening naked photos that men sent him. Is it illegal? I think so. Amusing? Definitely. Thanks to Rik for the link. (Here's another version of it that will take a while to load but is much easier to read and follow.)

4. And finally, here's a wonderful classic video of someone having the world's most disgusting pimple popped and removed from his ass.

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