This is not a meme

This is a real post that just happens to have a meme attached to it. I got tagged by Britt, so I'm obligated under blog etiquette to fill this out.

So, here goes...

The last person gives you 5 words and you say the first thing you think of...then you tag others who then continue the tagging game.

The 5 words given to me were:

1. Monkey - which makes me think --> flinging poop
2. Bulb - which makes me think --> planted in manure
3. Fuck - which makes me think --> eat shit
4. Eyelash - which makes me think --> crap in my eye
5. Verbose - which makes me think --> full of shit

I see a theme with my answers! I can't in good conscience continue this by tagging anyone. If you really want to do this one, here are some words for you:

1. Chianti
2. Scam
3. Boobs
4. Embiggens
5. Viking

And, earlier, when I said this was a real post attached to a meme? I think I lied, because I don't have anything worthwhile to talk about. I just want to eat a nice steak and go to bed.

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