Last week of bachelorhood

My wife's been gone on business for two weeks, and she's got one more week before she gets back on Friday. First, she had to go to Philadelphia for a week to teach a seminar. Then, she went to NYC for the weekend, and flew straight from there to Seattle, where she's been for the last week. As I've been reveling in my new status as a bachelor, I have learned a few things:

1. Apparently, there isn't a magical fairy who picks up my clothes, does laundry, washes the dog, does the dishes, throws away the towers of Diet Coke cans and puts out new towels. Who woulda thunk?

2. My old college tradition of ordering a large pizza and leaving it sitting out on the counter while I eat it for a week straight is harder to do when I occasionally get acid reflux and can't eat pizza for more than two days in a row without feeling disgusted.

3. I'm not as funny when there's nobody there to laugh at my jokes. And I can't train the fucking dog to laugh!

Friday the 13th is our 5-year wedding anniversary. We were going to go to the Animal Kingdom and stay at the resort that overlooks the savannah, so you can actually see the animals from your balcony. However, since she had to travel for three weeks, she's not going to want to stay in a hotel again for a while, so we'll probably just go out for dinner and watch The Office. Sounds fantastic to me!

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