Weekly Word Game

Thanks to Mr. Fab, I visited Cindra's Weekly Word Game.

It's a clever concept. She picks 13 words and asks everyone to write a story, poem, or other piece that incorporates those 13 words. It's clever and hard to write something creatively that doesn't sound stilted when you're trying to work in specific words. Then, she has people vote for the best story. All of the authors are anonymous.

And yes, I wrote one. It's awesome. And clever. And amazing. But that's just because I wrote it. I can't tell you which one mine, but I encourage you to go visit, read the options, and vote for the one that you think is the best.

I wish I could tell you which one I voted for, but I can't. Just choose the best one, and you'll clearly choose mine!

I say to you: Go vote!

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