Getting close to the closing on our house. It's hard to concentrate on working at all, although I've had an excellent sales week and will be bringing home a paycheck that will likely be above 6K. So, here's the schedule:

On Tuesday, we sign the papers and get the keys to the house (I wonder, is it customary to change the locks once you move into a new house?)
On Wednesday morning the movers meet me at the storage unit, and we move our 8,000 pounds (not an exaggeration - the weight according to the movers from Cali) to our house.
On Wednesday afternoon, the cable company is coming to install digital cable, DVR, and Roadrunner. Simultaneously (I'm so amazing), the phone company is coming to install a second phone line and set up our phones.
On Thursday morning, the carpet cleaners show up and steam-clean the entire house.
On Thursday afternoon, our new washer and dryer show up and are installed.
On Thursday afternoon, house cleaners clean my parents' house, to thank them for letting us stay with them.
On Friday, I start unpacking and we move in! Holy fucking shit!

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