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Plastic Surgery Tips from Joceylne Wildenstein. Now I'm assuming the Q&A in the link are fictitious, but they may not be. Just for the uninformed, Jocelyne Wildenstein is a freak show. Here's some text from

"Now perhaps no one has really heard of Jocelyne Wildenstein, but she is truly a freak show of her own. This woman, who looked fine to begin with, decided that she wanted to look like a cat. Yes, you read right... a cat.

As you can see in her before picture (on the left), she was quite pretty and normal looking. In her after photograph though, it's evident that this woman will never be able to go anywhere without being ogled. Or anywhere hot for that matter... God forbid, she might melt!

Before Picture:

After Picture:

2 Thoughts:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At first I couldn't believe it, but after looking at several sites, she seems to be very real. She looks like a caricature! It's really sad and terrible in so many ways... but I guess if she's happy... (I read somewhere she's from Lausanne, Switzerland! Interesting.) And from the likes of her answers, she sounds very eccentric. Sad.

10/24/2004 1:46 AM  
Blogger Avitable said...

It is sad, but if you enjoy mocking ugly people, it can be fun. Sometimes you have to be cruel.

10/24/2004 1:56 AM  



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