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Steam Users Forums - Did I get banned?!

Did I get banned?!
Okay, I was trying to log onto my account a few minutes ago and I get

This Steam account has been disabled"

Now I'm thinking, wtf did I do, I just play ns on the damn thing..

09-08-2004 09:16 AM


You cant delete threads? Damnit.

I put in a ticket, sorry for making a useless post.

09-08-2004 09:24 AM

Taylor Sherman Valve Administration:

Not useless, actually you get to serve as an example.

Your account was disabled for attempted credit-card fraud. Back in March your account made, let's see, 19 attempts to purchase Condition Zero using a fake credit-card number. I would say maybe you made a typo, but 19 times? And also there's a very nice array of different attempted billing names and addresses to go along with that card. Granpa Joey. . .John Smith. . .dasfg dfg. . .from Texas, Nevada, North Dakota. . . .

Hmm and all from the same IP address you just posted this thread from.

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