Go cry to your mummy

A family heirloom is not going over well with police.

The mummified body of a baby kept by a Concord, N.H., family has drawn attention from investigators.

The current keeper of the baby, Charles Peavey, said the tiny mummy has been passed down in his family for many years. Concord police recently got word of the remains and they took them in for testing. A forensic anthropologist will examine the tiny corpse.

Peavey said the mummy belonged to his great-great uncle, who was born in Ashland in 1850. The family estimated that the mummy is 90 years old.

It was discovered among the uncle's possessions in 1947 in Manchester, N.H.

Police said the testing on the corpse could take a month or more.

Doesn't everyone have a family mummy that they pass around as an heirloom? I'm just waiting for my grandparents to die so I can inherit the 65-year old mummified corpse of what would have been my uncle Hubert. I plan on displaying him in a case in my bedroom.

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