I'm not sure what to think about this

What do you think of Goodpreeth's turban?

How RateMyTurban.com started:

"I was visiting India in October to celebrate my birthday with my grandmother and noticed several cool styles and colours of turbans in Delhi. Having visited or lived in Canada, Africa, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, I noticed most Sikhs living outside India have a pretty boring turban life (they wear 1-2 colours and usually tie the same style turban as their fathers). I wanted to showcase turbans as an art form and try to revive the majestic roots of turbans. Furthermore, todays Sikhs are commonly confused for Muslims and I wanted to think of a creative way to showcase Sikhs and their royal turbans in a positive way to the general public, and also show Sikh youths that wearing a turban is cool and fashionable. So RateMyTurban was the result"

- Ash Singh

3 Thoughts:

Blogger Sera Skywalker said...

That's like.. Indian hot or not. They should do that with burkhas.

5/03/2006 10:35 AM  
Blogger Dave2 said...

Now I want to start wearing a turban!

5/03/2006 10:37 AM  
Blogger Avitable said...

Some of those were pretty snazzy looking.

Yes, I used snazzy in a sentence. I know.

5/03/2006 10:47 AM  



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