So angry. And you won't like me when I'm angry.

According to SHH!, the director for the new Hulk movies has been picked.

It is . . . the guy who directed The Transporter and Unleashed, Louis Leterrier. Hmm.

I'm going to set forth an unpopular opinion here. I love the first Hulk movie. I think that if the last ten minutes were excised, it would be a perfect movie, but after numerous viewings, the ending is much less of a problem than it first was.

People who went in to see a movie directed by Ang Lee and expected it to be a balls-out action flick are idiots. Even Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is essentially a ballet, not an action film.

The dual personality conflict of the Hulk should have been explored on the personal level that it was in the movie. The Hulk itself looked amazing, and the action scenes that do exist are pretty much flawless, in my opinion.

Most people have a problem with the pace, which doesn't make any sense. At just over two hours, the film established the situation, the relationships, the villain, and then, at the perfect juncture, introduced the Hulk.

I consider this film to be one of the top 5 superhero films I've seen, and most people who don't like it never have a good reason - they expected it to be something different, or they thought it was too slow. Give it a second viewing at home and see if you still think it's too slow. I suspect you won't.

Now the reason my opinion on the first one is important is the abortion that the next Hulk movie is obviously going to become. Hiring the self-proclaimed "action director" from The Transporter, which was a fun, brainless film that ignored logic in favor of slow motion, means that they're ignoring this entire first Hulk movie.

I'm guessing they're going to make a movie that is nothing but action, and much like the high grossing but poorly reviewed POTC 2, non-stop action does not make a good movie. It makes for a jumbled cacophonic mess.

And people will go see it, and say "Wow, that was just stupid." And I'm going to point and laugh at them and say, "If you only had taste in movies and liked the original, we wouldn't have had this bloody aborted fetus of a movie as its sequel."

Tell me again: Why can't I rule the world? I'd do a much better job than anyone else.

If you did or did not like the Hulk movie, post your review in the comments.

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