5 years

Today is Friday the 13th. But you knew that. It's also my fifth year wedding anniversary.

We were originally going to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom and reserve a room with a balcony that overlooks the savannah for the weekend. It would have been fun, although I was worried about one thing. Would Disney let me out once I entered Animal Kingdom? I've had that problem at the zoo, where I've had to prove that I was a human so that they didn't tranquilize me and throw me in with the rest of the gorillas.

Unfortunately, my wife had to go away on business for the last three weeks, and she doesn't fly in until this afternoon. I don't think she's going to be interested in staying in yet another hotel, no matter how nice, after three weeks on the road, so we'll just be staying at home and watching three weeks' worth of television. Honestly, what could be better?

EDIT: I know I said this exact same thing about four posts earlier, but I felt like reiterating it so STFU, k?

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