Chattin' with the wife.

[14:17] caseyfrostychubs: hey
[14:24] caseyfrostychubs: hewo?
[14:24] caseyfrostychubs: I wanted to tell you that I love you
[14:24] caseyfrostychubs: and that I was thinking of you
[14:24] caseyfrostychubs: are you mad?
[14:24] caseyfrostychubs: why are you giving me the silent treatment?
[14:24] caseyfrostychubs: WHAT HAVE I DONE?
[14:24] caseyfrostychubs: fine
[14:24] caseyfrostychubs: see if I care
[14:25] caseyfrostychubs: I'll just go find a boyfriend who's responsive to my needs!
[14:25] caseyfrostychubs: GOODBYE!
[14:30] avitable2: you there?
[14:31] caseyfrostychubs: YEP!
[14:31] avitable2: what's up?
[14:31] caseyfrostychubs: :-D

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

lmao... that's hilarious! i've done that before to my boyfriend, but there's someting funnier about taking it out of its context. :) you guys are very cute.

8/24/2004 12:34 PM  



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