So my wife died

laughing, that is, from all the jokes I kept telling her.

After her surgery, in Recovery, the nurse walked in and said "On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being agony, how much pain do you feel right now?"

Amy said, "1".

I said, "How about now?" and mimed punching her in the face with sound effects and all.

She said, in a sad voice, "12" and she and I laughed uproariously.

The nurse did not find us amusing in the slightest. When she went to take Amy's temperature, I said, "Ma'am, she prefers her temperature to be taken rectally," and Amy started laughing and almost spit the thermometer in the nurse's face, the nurse got angrier.

It was when I started having an IV spray fight with an orderly that security had to get involved. Ah, yet another hospital that I can never enter again.

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