Aches and pains

So I can't look to the left, right, up or down without pain in my neck and shoulders. Even sitting straight up just aches. I pulled some muscle or strained something, and there's only one reason I can think of.

I generally get up around 6:30-7 every morning and go straight to my computer. I sit down and start working, and usually work until 8 PM. Then I'll watch TV with Amy for an hour or two until she goes to bed, and then go back and work until midnight-1 AM. Then I go to sleep and start all over again. I do this seven days a week. I rarely do anything, and I'm not active because I'm working so much.

So, since I've gotten my birthday present early, my Nintendo Wii (side note: anyone want to add me as a Wii Friend, just email me), I've tweaked my routine. I'll take some time and hang out in the living room playing with the Nintendo. As long as I have the phone with me so I can answer company calls, I don't mind taking a break from sitting in front of the computer.

The Nintendo is a very active game. It requires constant hand motions - you don't have to make sweeping dramatic movements, but it's more fun to do so. I've been playing a game called Red Steel which requires the constant use of both arms, moving and swinging and button pressing. Playing that for a few hours made me feel a bit sore, but that was it. Then, about two or three hours later, BLAM! I couldn't move my neck and both arms twinged when I moved them.

So now I'm just popping Ibuprofen during the day and Percoset at night so I can sleep. It will heal on its own but what a pain in the ass! I refuse to go the doctor for one reason. I will not walk in and tell her that I hurt my neck and shoulders playing with my "Wii".

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