About time to make a move

So I'm thinking of making the move to my own domain. I've enjoyed Blogger, but it's time to move to something different, probably WordPress since that's much easier for me to work with than EE.

I've got hundreds of domain names, so that part will be fine, but it's the design I'm wrestling with.

So rather than make the decision myself, I wanted the opinions of other people that I can consider and disregard.

In the comments, if you will (and de-lurk, too - I want all opinions):

1. Should I keep the header picture of Hitler?
2. Should I keep the picture of myself on the side (which you can only really see if you have your monitor at a high resolution)
3. What suggestions do you have for an improved design?
4. Should the title be simplified to "Tact is for Pussies?"
5. Should I have autoplay music that plays "Oh Holy Avitablia" when you visit the blog?

Your answers will be graded for creativity, neatness, and for showing your work.

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