Hump Day

Wednesday is usually a good day, because I get my weekly order of comic books. That means that I'll get between 20-40 new comic books that will occupy my free time and my time in the "throne room" for the next two or three days.

It also usually means that I have an episode of Veronica Mars recorded from last night that I can watch today when I eat my lunch, and that always makes me happy.

I'm also finally going to shave my head and get rid of this beard, so that will be nice. While I enjoy being able to frighten away small children (and adults) just by scowling, the constant attack of birds trying to nest on my head or my chin just gets annoying.

I'm thinking of going to this new barbershop called "Carr's". They do old-school barbering including shaving with an actual blade. I don't know if I'm going to go for that, but if I do, here in the land of retards (Orlando), there's a high chance my throat will accidentally get cut. So if I don't post anything tomorrow, you'll know that I slowly died in a pool of my own blood in a barber's chair while some pimple-faced teenager ran around with a bloody razor squealing "Oh my God" in a squeaky pubescent voice. My wife will automatically be a millionaire, so any of you men (or women) who think you're worthy can give her a call. Toodles!

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