The one where Adam has no title

I hate sleep. If there was a real sleep deprivation study where they gave you lots of chemicals and cybernetic implants so you never really needed to sleep, maybe just recharging for twenty minutes every several hours, I'd totally do it.

Instead of sleeping, I could be working. I could be reading a new book a day. I could watch all of the commentaries on the DVDs that I've had sitting here. I could go work out. I could write my novel. I could get involved in local politics. I could alphabetize my library.

I could work on the inventions I've got in process. I could get better at pool. I could clean the house. I could do all the little household projects that need to be done. I could write more professional articles. I could re-learn Japanese.

I could create a series of dance videos that would revolutionize the world. I could create a polygamist religion that's more hedonistic and fun than LDS. I could streak bare-ass naked through the neighborhood in the middle of the night. I could go alligator fishing in our lake. I could teach our dog to talk, or count.

I could accomplish enough that I could get that statue to me that I deserve.

Fuckin' sleep.

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