Fun with electricity

I've been dealing with random power outages for the last four days. Our main circuit breaker on the outside of our house has a bad connection and keeps tripping any time the power coming from it is too much.

Until the fuckwit electricians can get the permit and come fix it (hopefully by tomorrow), we have to limit our electrical use or risk it turning off yet again. This means we can't use the heat, the dishwasher, the washer or dryer, the stove, the oven, the coffeepot, or half of the other shit that we pretty much need to use on a daily basis. When this is compounded with the fact that my business is run out of my house, it means that my phone system, all of our computers and printers, and other random office machinery are all affected every time the power goes out.

Oh, and since the previous owners jury-rigged the control panel to accept the pool pump wiring instead of installing a brand-new control panel, our home warranty won't cover it. So I get to spend almost $800 to have everything done.

I'm about ready to send everyone home for the day and just sit here in the dark.

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