Sunshine and puppies

I had this post all ready to go about love and kisses and friendship and the people that I love the most. It was going to be optimistic and friendly and personable.

But then I read my blogs through my feedreader and came across Warren Ellis's blog. It's a blog I read daily - he's one of the driving forces behind comics right now, focused on expanding the market, introducing new concepts and reviving defunct ones, and trying to keep the industry from ever going stagnant. (And he has a book coming out that you should pre-order if you have a brain).

At any rate, he posted this picture that came from this link. I'm hiding the picture behind a picture of my horrified face. Don't look at the link or the picture. Just look at my face and let that be enough.

Why is this a good or smart thing to do? Why would you wake up and think to yourself: "Hey, self, I think today I'm going to do some body modding. I know that some of the body modifications out there are really bizarre and stupid, and I know that most bodymodders probably belong in counseling, but I want to take it a step further. Why don't I just cut off my thumb? That would be a good idea!"

While I'm normally pretty progressive, and I'm happy about all the freedoms we've received in modern society. But in the fifties, body modders would have been locked up in an asylum and given electro-shock therapy until they died or were a vegetable. And I think that's a good thing.

Stupid ignorant creepy motherfuckers.

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