Just a few bullets

Thanks again for everyone's input into my move away from Blogger. This will probably happen in the next few weeks. And for those of you who didn't quite get it: I was not serious about autoplay music. I would never, ever, ever, do that, and I can't believe you thought I was serious.

And now, some bullets:

  • My 18-year old godmother's daughter is coming down today to visit for spring break. She'll be here for a week, and other than going to Disney and laying by the pool, I'm hoping she has some good ideas of what she wants to do. Luckily, she's one of those kids who sleeps in until noon if she can, so I'll be able to put in almost an 8-hour workday before she's ready to actually do anything.

  • Britt is going to Las Vegas to masturbate to see Prince, and I'll have a guest post on her site on Monday. Keep your eyes peeled!

  • I'm annoyed at television. Why is it okay to disappear for a month or more without new shows? Why not just start the season later and have all new episodes straight through? Nobody wants to watch reruns, and it just eliminates the heads of steam that some of the struggling shows have accumulated.

  • I'm working on a 50 things video much like Poppy's, but there will be a contest and prizes surrounding it. Hopefully I'll have that up by the middle to the end of next week. In my boring life, it's hard coming up with 50 things I've done. You can only say "eat cheeseburgers" and "masturbate to midget horse porn" one time each!

  • If you see Bubble Yum Hershey's Chocolate Gum at the store, pick up a pack. For the first ten minutes, it's like chewing magical chocolate milk. Then it loses its taste. But those ten minutes are awesome!

That's it for today. Today's going to be a hell of a day, so I probably won't be around too much. Unless I say "Fuck it all" and shut my brain off, that is.

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