Windy days

Well, the hurricane has left, and it was a strange experience. Constant wind of at least 30-40 mph, and gusts as high as 75-80 (or maybe higher) with rain all over the place made it feel very unsecure. I kept waiting for trees to come down, for the roof to rip off, for the wicked witch to fly by, but in reality, there were a few tree branches down, lots of little twigs and leaves all over the place, and rain everywhere. That's it.

Power went off Sunday morning at 8-9 AM, but came right back on around 11:30-12 Monday, which was very impressive. Even more impressive is that my broadband and digital cable both worked fine!

Less impressive is Sprint. Those mealy-mouthed fuckwads turned off my long distance for some reason. I can surmise that it's because I've been calling Amy in Italy, and they wanted to offset any illegal charges, but during the middle of a fucking hurricane! And when I call to ask about it, they tell me that the only people in charge of this are off until Tuesday! I just set up the account last week, and they've already fucked me up. Luckily, my second line still works, so I've been able to make calls, but I'm really going to rip them a new one when I talk to them on Tuesday. Fucking crank-sniffing dirteaters.

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