I don't take a particular day to be thankful for what I have. I am fully cognizant of all of the great things that are going on in my life year round. However, apparently because today represents a day when some white=skinned bastards decided to destroy some brown-skinned bastards by giving them diseases they had never been exposed to, sleeping with their women, killing the strongest men, and introducing the concept of ownership to a land where that term was alien, we decide to be thankful and eat until we fall asleep. Thankful for what? That we're not Native Americans?

Indians (yes, I'm going with the politically incorrect term here, fuck you very much) still get short shrift. They're discriminated against in the media, where they're either amazing trackers who commune with animals or they're drunks or corrupt casino owners. They get shafted by the government, insulted by people and treated like second-class citizens in areas around reservations, and basically have very little chance of success in life if they try to remain integrated with their culture. They don't have an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to stand up for them and defend their rights if people trample on them. Who's the most well-known Indian you know? Graham fucking Greene?

So I guess I'm thankful that I'm a descendant of the oppressors (my ancestors were on the Mayflower), not the oppressees. Because that must just really fucking suck. Sorry guys.

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