Mr. Fab did a few limericks, but couldn't come up with one for Avitable. So I decided to show him how a real poet does it.

There was a family named Avitable.
They made their home quite hospitable.
So they had lots of guests,
Who occasionally became pests,
And their subsequent murders were inevitable.

A hairy monkey bastard was Adam Avitable.
He had hair from his feet up past his mandibles.
He swung from a tree,
Tried to drink his own pee,
Fell down and is now very irritable.

It's true that all things are inevitable,
Especially the rise of a genius named Avitable,
He's smart as a whip,
As sharp as a snip,
It's just too bad he's so damn disagreeable.

And here's some more artwork for you - a family portrait:

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