Not totally issueless

I'm going to make a stand here and say that other than operating in a medical, life-saving capacity, nothing is more stressful than running your own business, especially when you have employees who depend on you for income.

This is going to be very true when the company is in its first 2-4 years, so it is struggling to find its place in the market. Every two weeks just becomes a challenge to make sure that you can make payroll and pay the bills that keep the company going. As the company grows and gets stronger, you know that revenue coming in will be more consistent, your branding will be even more recognizable, and you'll become entrenched in the dynamics of the profession. But in the here and now, it's all about making enough so that each employee gets paid on time, the supplies get ordered and paid for, your marketing keeps running, and you don't take a step backwards.

Internally, I'm aware that it will work out. I don't fail when I've set out to accomplish something. Ever. However, there are the rare fleeting moments where I have self-doubt. Those just get filed away to keep me humble once things are as smooth and easy as they will be in a couple of years.

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