Chat with a friend

Enjoy the transcript. Even if you don't know the characters, it's still amusing.

[09:17] XXXXXX: well, i got poop on my hand again. didnt notice that fat juicy dingleberry until i smushed it up against my ass with my thumb... at least i didnt have to chew on my fingernails this time to notice...
[09:18] adamheathavitable: hahahah
[09:18] XXXXXX: heh
[09:18] XXXXXX: its gross, actually.
[09:18] adamheathavitable: i know but I can't stop laffing
[09:18] XXXXXX: thought you might like that
[09:18] XXXXXX: XXXX XXXX broke up with her boy fag XXXX
[09:19] XXXXXX: did i tell you?
[09:19] adamheathavitable: she's been with him this whole time? Is he the XXXX one?
[09:19] XXXXXX: yup
[09:19] XXXXXX: never had sex
[09:19] XXXXXX: hes in XXXland now
[09:19] adamheathavitable: what?
[09:19] XXXXXX: its tru
[09:19] adamheathavitable: fucking ridiculous
[09:19] XXXXXX: he MUST be gay
[09:19] adamheathavitable: was she a virgin?
[09:19] XXXXXX: she was sota hot
[09:19] XXXXXX: well, no
[09:19] adamheathavitable: so it was his decision?
[09:19] XXXXXX: who was that big tall dood in our class?
[09:20] adamheathavitable: XXXX something?
[09:20] adamheathavitable: XXXXXXXX
[09:20] XXXXXX: hmmm... balck hair
[09:20] XXXXXX: nah, different one, not XXXXX's bf, who, btw, was so freaking hot
[09:20] adamheathavitable: you thought XXXXX's boyfriend was hot?
[09:20] adamheathavitable: :)
[09:21] adamheathavitable: I don't remember anyone from law school. It's all a blur. You, XXX and XXXX, and smelly XXXXX, and that's about it.
[09:21] XXXXXX: eh, XXXX fucked that gy when they were (XXX and her) on a break
[09:21] XXXXXX: jsut to have sex, i think
[09:22] XXXXXX: but only once
[09:22] XXXXXX: and she felt bad
[09:22] adamheathavitable: hmm - maybe he was saving himself
[09:22] adamheathavitable: for another man
[09:22] XXXXXX: maybe he was porking felines, or guys
[09:22] adamheathavitable: Sheep?
[09:22] XXXXXX: anyways, she called me and, ahem, asked if i was seeing anyone
[09:22] adamheathavitable: really? Nice.
[09:22] XXXXXX: i think its funny
[09:22] XXXXXX: whos easy??
[09:22] XXXXXX: <----
[09:22] adamheathavitable: Yep.
[09:22] XXXXXX: oh well
[09:22] adamheathavitable: You're a slutbag.
[09:23] XXXXXX: XXXXX let it slip, i think, on purpose, that she dated a professional soccer player in XXXXland
[09:23] XXXXXX: thats good for the ole self esteem
[09:23] adamheathavitable: haha
[09:23] XXXXXX: okay, enough, leaf me alone for a bit!
[09:23] adamheathavitable: laTOR

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