Employer sues employee

This worries me more than the overly litigious individual suing a big company. The individual has to find a lawyer who's just sleazy enough to take the case and good enough to actually worry the defendant. That happens infrequently enough that it can sometimes be a good thing. Companies should be worried about their customers, and even a bit frightened of them.

However, if this suit prevails, and the company is allowed to even continue with this lawsuit (much less if they actually win), this is extremely troubling. This means that this company, who:

A. Obviously did a piss-poor job of due diligence in investigations their employee's qualifications and resume, and

B. Had such a poor management style that it took 9 months to figure out that this fuckwit was just sitting around with his thumb up his ass,

now thinks that they shouldn't be held responsible for their mismanagement and HR fuckup. Instead, they sue the employee for the profits they lost? This is a slippery slope indeed.

Worker Fired, Then Sued By Former Employer

WILMINGTON, Del. -- Firing a worker for lackluster job performance apparently wasn't enough for one company. Now, the credit card marketing company is suing to recover the man's salary and the profits it says it lost.

U.S. Card Partner Services fired its sales director last year after just eight months on the job.

The lawsuit for breach of contract claimed he misled the company about his qualifications, and it said he spent too much time playing with his iPod and making personal calls.

The company said he also failed to supervise employees and turn in paperwork.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware seeks $300,000.

The fired employee, Drew Scopelliti, now lives in Chicago. His attorney promises a vigorous defense.

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