Post-Thanksgiving linguistics lesson

If you say any of these, stop:

* deep-seeded instead of deep-seated
* deformation of character instead of defamation of character
* for all intensive purposes instead of for all intents and purposes
* free reign instead of free rein
* hunger pains instead of hunger pangs
* next store instead of next door
* pier-to-pier networking instead of peer-to-peer networking
* preying mantis instead of praying mantis
* sorted past instead of sordid past
* tenderhooks instead of tenterhooks
* tow the line instead of toe the line
* without further adieu instead of without further ado
* it's a doggie-dog world instead of it's a dog-eat-dog world
* visa versa instead of vice versa
* reaping havoc or reeking havoc instead of wreaking havoc
* mute point instead of moot point
* court marshal instead of court martial
* honing in instead of homing in
* mix words instead of mince words
* a big tado instead of a big to-do
* beyond approach instead of beyond reproach

These are called "egg corns" (think "acorn"), and some of them are used verbally, and many of them are used in writing. It only makes you look ignorant. Go here for more information on Eggcorns.

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Avitable.

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