You knew I was weird . . .

I saw that Kal did this, so I decided to do it as well. Here are six new weird things about me:

1. When I travel, I bring matches and sometimes a candle with me in case I have to use someone else's bathroom. I really want it to smell as nice and minty fresh as when I entered it. Of course, I would rarely stay with someone else - I'd rather get a hotel room so I have my own space.

2. When I have work to do, and I'm in a strange mood, I can set a song on repeat and have it play 70 or 80 times while I work. I don't get sick of it - in fact, I like it just as much at the end as I do in the beginning.

3. If I buy a new videogame, I have to play it until I finish. This is not some random desire - it's an actual obsession that overtakes me. Once I've beaten it all the way through, I'll relax and I can go back later and take my time enjoying it. It affects my work and my sleep.

4. If I notice that someone has bad breath, I dislike them.

5. I can't understand song lyrics at all. If I don't have the lyrics written in front of me, I have no idea what people are singing. Here's an example I've mentioned earlier. The theme song from Caddyshack is Kenny Loggin's "I'm All Right". Until two years ago, I had no idea what he was singing, and I actually thought he was saying "Admiral."

6. I keep my hair relatively short, but my shampoo costs $25. I do use shampoo to lather every hairy part of my body, which means pretty much everything from ass to beard.

I won't tag anyone. I'm not that cruel.

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