A couple of points

It's a bullet! It's Avitable! It's random shit for you to read!

  • Check out my guest post on What Greg Likes, a great source for cool music.

  • My birthday is in three days. It's still not too late to send me a birthday card or a gift! Send all correspondence to 605 Birch Blvd, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701. I'm gonna be 30, people! Old! Decrepit! Senile! I need some love from all of you if I'm going to survive.

  • I'm operating at such a high level of stress right now that I actually don't want to work. I'd like to sit on the couch, watch movies, eat chocolate cake and cheeseburgers and not move from that spot for a few days. It's not going to happen, though - the only way to get rid of the stress is to alleviate it, which means working harder.

  • If you haven't watched this week's 24, skip this bullet. If you have watched it, can you believe who Jack's brother was? That was fucking jaw-dropping! This show is so ludicrous that it's laughable, but it's so hard not to watch it!

  • On the other hand, Heroes was completely boring this week. I'm so close to dropping it off my TV roster.

  • In every relationship, the partners have a list - the random celebrities that he or she would sleep with given a chance. It doesn't erode the trust, it doesn't affect the relationship - it's just a fun little list. Who's on yours? Mine shows that I have a unique taste in women. #1. Sarah Silverman. #2. Amanda Peet. #3. Avril Lavigne. #4. Kristen Bell. #5. Alyson Hannigan.

  • It's 12:04 AM Wednesday and I'm going to bed. Nothing left to say - see you tomorrow!

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