The way that I drive

Many people who have driven with me feel like I drive fast. The smartest ones are comfortable, because they know that I'm someone who has to be in control of something, and if I'm not in control, I won't do something. But there are others who might get a bit frightened. They're wrong. I am completely at one with my car.

My driving style evolved from being taught by both of my parents, aggressive drivers who learned how to drive in Boston. My parents like to drive fast, but they've always stressed that it's essential to be very aware of your surroundings. As a result, when I'm driving normally, I travel across lanes, fit into tight spots, and otherwise drive aggressively, not defensively. However, I am aware at all times of every car in my general vicinity, which means that even with my aggressive driving, I've never been in an accident. And I consider my driving to be normal.

This morning, thanks to a malfunctioning alarm clock and a flight leaving early, I was able to let loose and actually drive in a way that I consider aggressive. When I drive like this, my brain operates differently, I think. I can see the road ahead of me, and all cars across all lanes. I'm able to actually visualize a path that travels across all lanes through all the gaps to move me at the utmost speed.

Let's say the other cars are going 60 MPH. I usually speed up to about 95-100 MPH. At this speed, I can move through the cars as if they're standing still, which lets me take advantage of everyone's slow reflexes. Even if a car brakes or changes lanes, I'm already past them and into the next gap. It's exhilarating to do. I keep both hands on the wheel, crank up my music, and fly.

And that's how I made a 40-minute drive to the airport turn into a 20-minute drive.

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