Why is everyone a collective retard?

A simple function: shipping a package from one place to another. Right?

I sent a salesperson up to Chicago and shipped up two huge boxes of promotional shit. DHL manages to destroy one box, but they re-tape it and deliver it, only they forgot to include the fucking banner! The full banner that was supposed to go on our table that had our company name, logo, and contact information. The one that could be seen across the room to attract potential clients. The one that cost me $120.

Yeah, DHL fucking lost it. And nobody knows where it is. And DHL acts like it's no big deal. They destroyed a box and then were too fucking retarded to put all of the contents back in? What the fuck? How is the person who did that capable of walking and breathing without assistance, much less packing a box or driving, since they've obviously got the mental capacity of a crack baby?

If I ever meet this person, I'll beat him from ass to beard.

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