Best spam ever

I don't usually pay attention to spam I get, since I get so much, but this one was awesome. The content doesn't matter, but the subject of the email is what made me notice. Ready?

"Satan Has No Chin. When we learned irrefutably that Satan has no chin, we began to see him everywhere."

What? First of all, this is grammatically correct and everything is spelled right. That's weird all by itself. Secondly, who comes up with this shit? Do spammers just pluck random pieces of text out of Google searches or something and then use that for their emails?

I decided to do some investigating, so I Googled "Satan has no chin".

I found the Iron Party of Australia. They have this to say about themselves:

The Irony Party of Australia, though not in the strictest sense an official political organisation, nevertheless represents the fledgling efforts and collusion of some of Australia's most rarefied minds in pursuit of the highest and most onerous offices of Government.

They have an electronic pamphlet which I guess is designed to highlight their beliefs and ideals, and that's where I found out about chinless Satan. There was an image and some content (the title of the page with the content is "Satab Grs Nh Chdjz"). Here they are:

When we learned irrefutably that Satan has no chin, we began to see him everywhere. Now no-one was safe. Some appeared to be more susceptible to his influence, and quickly succumbed. In the press of the crowd, under the blazing midday sun or in the long shadows of evening, or in the dead of night we were on guard but defenceless, wary without recourse, unnerved by the fear ever-present in one another's eyes, the portentious appearance of a reconstructed Babel, and the incessant howling of dogs.

This site is the only place on the web where "Satan has no chin" appears as a phrase. I still can't figure out if it's just a bad sense of humor or someone with an interesting political viewpoint. I'm more confused than I was when I started, which is probably a good stopping point. I'll just go back to ignoring my spam from now on.

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