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Keeping with my theme of correcting the stupid and ill-informed, I've decided to pull a post from my archives about grammar and buffalo:

Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.

Sounds like gibberish, but it's actually a fully complete and gramatically correct sentence.

Think about buffalo as three separate words:

1. buffalo - singular version of the animal as we know it.
2. to buffalo - to deceive, to intimidate, to hoodwink.
3. buffalo - alternative plural of the singular noun buffalo. Buffaloes is also acceptable.

So take the sentence: "Buffaloes that buffaloes intimidate will in turn intimdate buffaloes."

It then becomes "Buffaloes that buffaloes buffalo will in turn buffalo buffaloes."

Then: "Buffalo that buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo."

And finally, getting rid of "that" as unnecessary: "Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo."

Don't you wish you could all be as fucking clever as me?

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