Today is a holiday

In honor of my 30th birthday, I'm posting a picture of myself in my birthday suit! Although, since I don't have a camera, I had to draw from memory.

Thank you to Cat, Poppy, CP, Britt, Tracy, Andrew, and Brent for the awesome birthday gifts. The rest of you have a one-year grace period whereby any gifts or cards are automatically considered to be part of this birthday. I'm nice like that. Well wishing in the comments will count as a gift for today only.

And don't forget to find one of my awesome partners in crime, Amy, and wish her a happy birthday, too! She may be a wee bit older and she may have a hairdo that looks like Dorothy Hamill, but her birthday is just as important. Go ask her for pictures of her in her birthday suit, too!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks, too, to Mr. and Mrs. Fab for the awesome chocolate cake with Batman on top!

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